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New Blog reminder!!

18 Feb

Hey guys!

Please remember to come visit my new blog and follow it! http://msansoucy.wordpress.com

xoxo – M


Anyone else having issues with their blog posts?

28 Feb

Good morning everyone!!

I am totally looking forward to a busy week that will kick my butt into gear! MORE on that subject later 🙂

Just wondering; is anyone else having issues with their blog posts? As you can see, if you click onto my homepage, an old post title of mine is veered off to the right side of the page and you have to scroll incredibly far down to see the post. My new posts are also NOT showing up on my homepage at all! I have contacted wordpress and I really hope they get back to me sooon!!! Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas as to why this would be happening?

Thanks! Much love – Martine



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