Whoa what a week in Vegas!!!

1 Sep

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry, I have been super neglectful of my poor blog the last couple months! But let me tell you… this summer has been so busy I have barely had any time to breath!

Most recently I did a fantastic wedding last Sat that could have went a little more smoothly. After driving to a location we all got knee deep stuck in a large mud pile in the middle of a huge parking lot… in a LIMO. Thanks to one of the superstar hero groomsmen we actually managed to make it out! Whew! It was a little bit of a nightmare let me tell you.. Because of all the lost time, we will be going out on a different day to do an awesome couples session and we will NOT be taking a limo 🙂

The next day I left for Vegas with a dear friend and makeup artist Tamsen Rae for a super super fun and exciting Destination Wedding!!!! It was amazing! Overall a great experience and probably one of the funnest weddings I have ever done. In the midst of seeing shows, eating insanely delicious meals, enjoying the 2 for 3$ beer experience, and walking the strip, the wedding was set in the middle of the desert in the Grand Canyon. It was spectacular and HOT. I can not WAIT to sit down and edit these photos… It was so so wonderful 🙂

Tomorrow I have a wedding with a gorgeous bride who will be wearing a …. RED wedding dress! I am super pumped to see what it will look like!

Mmm other than that, things have been pretty great! My boys and I took off and had a much needed vacation at the cabin and I took my usual yearly photoshoot of the three of them! So in love with my boys and my family, it’s always refreshing to get away and enjoy every moment of them ❤

With that, I am posting a few shots from my vacation with them!

Much love xx Martine

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂

My boys 🙂









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