Wow, what a testimonial and statement!

3 Aug

A friend of mine and super talented makeup artist posted this today and almost had me in tears! I had to share ❤ you Jennilee!

“One of the best things about what I do, is being surrounded by the amazing, creative people I work with. Photographer, Martine Sansoucy, is one of these creative geniuses. If you could buy tickets to visit inside someone’s mind, I’d be first in line for a trip into Martine’s head. I swear this girl never stops thinking about shoots- and she’s not just thinking about them, she works incredibly hard
to bring her wonderful ideas to life, whether it’s for a portfolio project or a client. I absolutely love being part of her process, so when she said, “I want to do a High Fashion Owl shoot, want to help?”

Without hesitation, my answer was “Yes!”

….Even though I had no idea what a “High Fashion Owl” was…but that’s exactly what working with Martine is: Pushing your creativity into these beautiful, sometimes weird, but always magnificent places.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: A High Fashion Owl. :)”  – Jennilee Cardinal Schultz

Photographer: Martine Sansoucy, Photography by Martine Sansoucy
Make-up: Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz, Chop Chop Salon
Hair: Amanda Dreis & Jen Klassen, Chop Chop Salon
Model: Kelsey Munro

Clothing & Styling Design: Martine Sansoucy
©Martine Sansoucy 2012 All Rights Reserved

High Fashion Owl Concept Shoot


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