A great snack idea for kids! And for you too! :-)

19 Apr

Hey everyone!

Well it has been a busy day trying to play catch up with all of the messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc, so I haven’t done a tone of editing today. 😦

My boys are so bad for just grabbing random stuff from the fridge and making a mess with it of course .. everywhere! So I made them a snack bin, labeled it on the front with a marker and their names and cut up and divided different little snack bags and threw them in the bin for the fridge! That way they can just grab anything that is in the bin for a quick and easy snack and they won’t be as tempted to get into everything else!

Seems to be working GREAT so far, they are grabbing the bags and munching on the healthy snacks! I am super pleased with it 😀 I may just make a bin up for myself too…a grueling workout regime starts tomorrow again! Too much rum drinks in Cuba seem to have appeared on my waist and bum… haha two areas that are just not good to see extra weight.

Have a great night everyone and keep a look out for a new post on some photos from CUBA! 😀

xoxo Martine

My snack bin for the fridge! The kids are loving it 🙂


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