What every artist MUST have, and how to manage/downsize your magazine collection!

30 Mar

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all have had a fabulous week! Myself, I have had a week with some ups and downs, and also some major accomplishments! The weekend is here, and I am feeling great. . . maybe it’s time to take a possible road trip!

So being a busy mom, sometimes it’s not always possible to emerge myself in a good book. So I started buying magazines religiously! Magazines are easy to read, a fast read, and have really great tips/advice, and stories for everyone. Some of my favorite magazines are Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Women’s Health, Budget Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic, and Top Gear UK. Over a year I probably am left with close to 100 magazines of all kinds and it gets to a point where they are taking up a lot of room and it looks cluttered!

Years ago I started a system of down-sizing my magazines! I basically made one HUGE magazine with no ads and all my favorite articles, tips, advice, etc. As a photographer and artist, inspiration is also very important to me, so I started making inspiration books! Hair & makeup styles/tips/how to’s as well as inspirational photography and poses.  I can honestly say I practically have a book on every subject now and I can get right to the articles I need and want because it’s custom made for me!

All you need is your stacks of magazines, binders, sheet protectors (about $10 for 80 at Walmart), scissors, and some spare time! Simply rip out your most favorite pages from each magazine, organize and sort into categories and cut along the edge of the page for a nice clean look (OR if in a hurry don’t!). Put the pages in sheet protectors and then slip them into your categorized binders! Instantly you have a handy book with everything you need and want to read about. No ads, no mess. I love doing this for cookbooks as well, because the sheet protectors make it easy to remove a page and any food splatter during cooking can be easily wiped off the sheet protector.

If you want to go that additional mile (haha as I do!), I love to take clippings and recover the binders with little scraps and some tape. It just looks really great! I make my own family cookbooks this way too, with a small scrapbook or sketch pad and hand write all of my recipes inside. It makes for a great gift and you can customize the photos and clips you use to recover it!

Anyway, I get a lot of people either making fun of me for these books haha or complimenting me for them, so I thought I would share!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

xoxo – Martine

How to downsize and manage your magazine collection!

What every artist must have is an inspiration book!

Your favorite articles, tips, topics and inspiration all in one place.

Your favorite articles, tips, topics and inspiration all in one place.

Here is one of my Travel books, filled with travel tips, travel advice for places I want to visit, inspirational travel photos, etc

The finished result is an uncluttered collection of books on your favorite topics with the information you need!


2 Responses to “What every artist MUST have, and how to manage/downsize your magazine collection!”

  1. Shirsha April 30, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    Great idea! I have a whole bunch of magazine cut outs and magazines – now I know an easy way to make them accessible and less cluttered!

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